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Last updated on June 8th, 2017 at 08:29 pm

ModafinilStar is an online modafinil vendor that sells 3 different afinil products. They have some of the cheapest prices on the market today and are the only vendor to offer modafinil by INTAS pharma.

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Vendor Overview
Ships to Worldwide (with exceptions) including
Payment types accepted MasterCard
Offers discounts? Yes – 60% bulk discount
20% Bitcoin discount
10% Returning customer discount
Coupon code None
Overall Rating
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Pros Cons
Free Express Shipping – ModafinilStar ships all orders via Express Mail Service at no extra charge to you. They claim it will always be free. Worldwide shipping, with a lot of exceptions – They offer worldwide shipping but do not ship to a lot of European countries and some parts of Asia.
Cheap prices – Their starting prices are already low, but adding in their generous discounts, it quickly becomes one of the cheapest places to buy modafinil from. No certificate of analysis – Despite their products being pharmaceutical-grade, it would be reassuring to know that the pills are pure and safe. No where on the site is there information on the testing they do, if any, and what the results are. It would be nice to see a 3rd-party COA done, much like how nootropic vendors do theirs.
Free reshipment – In case your order ever gets seized by customs, gets lost on the way, or you are sent the wrong product, you can get either a full refund or free reshipment. No return policy – Given the lack of any information on returns on their site, it’s safe to assume that they do not accept returns.
Multiple payment methods with a discount – If you’re not comfortable using Bitcoin and don’t mind losing the 7% discount there are 2 alternative payment methods: VISA and MasterCard.
Unique pharmaceuticals manufacturer – Almost all modafinil vendors stock Sun Pharma modafinil. And most stock HAB pharma modafinil. But ModafinilStar is unique in that it offers Intas pharma modafinil (modafil) in addition to Sun Pharma modafinil (modalert). No other vendor currently offers this brand.
Bulk discounts – Baseline prices start at $1.48 per modafinil tablet but decreases with each incremental quantity up to $0.89 per tablet. That’s a whopping 60% off!
10% discount for returning customers – Returning customers get a 10% discount coupon code that stacks with other offers like the Bitcoin discount.
Secure payments – ModafinilStar uses 128-bit SSL, a very strong encryption method that is almost impossible to crack. This means your information is secure. Plus, they claim not to store your billing data.


ModafinilStar Vs DuckDose vs Afinil Express

Compared to the other vendors, ModafinilStar’s prices are quite competitive. While they don’t have the lowest modalert prices, their waklert is considerably less expensive than the other vendors. At $0.91 per tablet of waklert, it is 9% cheaper at ModafinilStar than at DuckDose and Afinil Express.

VendorAmount of pillsModalert Price Per TabletModvigil Price Per TabletWaklert Price Per Tablet
ModafinilStar60$1.48$1.48 (Modafil by INTAS)$1.58
ModafinilStar120$1.19$1.19 (Modafil by INTAS)$1.22
ModafinilStar180$1.05$1.05 (Modafil by INTAS)$1.08
ModafinilStar240$0.97$0.97 (Modafil by INTAS)$1.00
ModafinilStar300$0.89$0.89 (Modafil by INTAS)$0.91
Afinil Express20$2.80$2.10$2.95
Afinil Express50$1.70$1.30$1.98
Afinil Express100$1.60$1.10$1.61
Afinil Express200$1.15$0.95$1.23
Afinil Express300$0.98$0.80$1.00


ModafinilStar offers 2 discounts: bitcoin discount, and a returning customer discount. The bitcoin discount give 20% off which decreases the price per tablet of modalert to just $0.71. Plus, as a returning customer you can get an additional 10% off in the form of a coupon code. And this stacks with the bitcoin discount. Doing the math, that means you can get up to 30% off your order, which decreases the price further to $0.62 per tablet. That is definitely one of the lowest price on the market today.

Site navigation

Compared to DuckDose’s simple design, ModafinilStar offers something unique. Upon loading the front page you’re greeted by a large image of a doctor and ModafinilStar’s slogan. The image may be a bit too large for those running on lower resolutions. At 1080p the image covers more than half of the screen and as a result forces the user to scroll down or click on the button titled ‘Order Now’. However, clicking on the button creates a nice presentation of the features and products they offer.

One annoying thing is that you cannot copy and paste items from ModafinilStar’s website. They have added a script to prevent users from highlighting text. This can be obtrusive, especially if you want to contact them and want to quickly copy and paste their e-mail address.

Selection and brands

Compared to other vendors, ModafinilStar only offers 3 different options to choose from:

  1. Modalert by Sun Pharmaceuticals
  2. Modafil by Intas Pharmaceuticals
  3. Waklert by Sun Pharmaceuticals

However, no other store carries Modafil by Intas. Instead, they carry Modvigil which is made by HAB Pharma. Both HAB Pharma and Intas are located in India, but Intas is much larger and is approved by the European Union. In fact, they are EU-GMP certified.

That said, both brands are priced similarly which leaves little reason to choose one over the other. However, a lot of users find Sun Pharma’s modafinil to be superior to that of other manufacturers.

Customer service

If you ever have a problem with your order you can always contact ModafinilStar at their e-mail However, it would be nice to include a form on their ‘Contact Us’ page. Currently, it only displays their e-mail address which makes it a little bit more difficult to contact them. A simple form would make the process a lot more fluid and user-friendly.

Having personally been in contact with them, I can safely say that they quickly respond to my inquires in a polite and respectful manner. Furthermore, they read my entire e-mail and make sure to respond to all my concerns or questions.


ModafinilStar is a great place to buy modafinil from. They are unique in that they are the only vendor to offer modafinil by Intas Pharmaceuticals and at the same price of Sun Pharma modafinil.


  1. is by far the best site (international) that I have dealt with.  When I purchase products I try to research before making a decision but I also know that some companies either put their own reviews up or pay customers/actors for positive reviews.

     ModafinilStar does not need any of that.  They have a very simple website, detailed descriptions of all of their products and, surprisingly, not only offer the choice to pay by e-giftcard, but they walk you through the process and offer email/phone assistance if necessary.  Once the order is paced a followup email confirming the order is sent and not long after a confirmation number for tracking.

    I received my order within 8 days.  Customer service is extremely polite. 

    In short, this is an awesome company without the unnecessary bells and whistles.

    Thanks and keep up the excellent work.

  2. If you’re a potential customer and thinking of purchasing from Modafinilstar, stop immediately!!! You risk getting ripped off!!!!

    I purchased modafinil from them through Amazon giftcard payment a couple of weeks ago, they got back to me saying the giftcard payment has been locked and couldn’t be used anymore and asked me to do a new purchase. I got in touch with Amazon three times and they answered the giftcard had been redeemed by someone else. I forwarded that email back to Modafinilstar and they only said they will get back to me within 48 hours. Not heard a thing since then.

    As a student who doesn’t work it hurts that they’ve stolen more than $100 from me.

    On their website it states they got 24/7 service and I had to definitely wait more than 24h to get any crappy answers from them. Even when they do reply on your request on something they only ask for the money and don’t answer your other questions.

    The reason they’re getting so much good reviews on Trustpilot website is that in their confirmation email they supposedly offer you 10% discount if you rate them on this website.

    I repeat, do not let yourself be deceived and get your money stolen from these crooks. Go somewhere else to buy modafinil.

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