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Supplements/nootropics for appetite?
My lack of appetite is seriously affecting my quality of life. I don't find any food enjoyable. Everything tastes bad or has little to no taste. I have absolutely no cravings and I can't remember the last time I actually looked forward to eating. Because of this, I'm a really picky eater. I've been this way since I was born, but when I was a child I had some foods that I liked. Now, there's nothing that I like. I really dread having to eat. It's gotten really bad within the last few years. I've stopped going to the gym all together just because I couldn't force myself to eat anymore. I've lost 6 kg since then. 

Are there any nootropics or supplements I can take for this?
Marijuana would probably be the most effective one, hehe. 

Or you could try to target the endocannabinoid system for example by increasing intake of Caryophyllene. Oregano is a good source, I love that spice and put it into many foods and would even make a tea of it and herbs.

Does alcohol work as appetizer for you? A glass of red wine wouldn't be too bad before a good meal.
Haven't tried marijuana yet, I wonder if I can get a prescription for it. Have you tried it? Does it just increase your hunger or does it also make food taste better?

Hmm, I'm not sure if oregano would be sufficient to stimulate appetite. I haven't heard of anyone saying oregano increased their appetite. I haven't tried wine nor any alcohol so I'm not sure if it would increase my appetite.

What about pure THC? I think they sell it in a pill form, no?
I've only tried marijuana once in small amount so can't say from my personal experience. But it's well known to cause "munchies" and food tasting like heavens. I doubt you'll get it prescribed for this reason though, isn't it mostly used for pain management or so.

Back when I was very sensitive to supplements and herbs, tablespoon of oregano and some black pepper gave me blissful state from anandamide release I suspect. Would enjoy eating during that state. But it might not do much for you.
Marijuana definitely sounds like it could help me. Too bad it's illegal in Canada. I'm not sure if it's expensive or not, but if it were legal I'd just grow my own and not have to worry about not being able to afford it.

Ah yes anandamide, that reminds me of Maca. Back in 2012 when I first tried Maca it really improved my anhedonia, motivation, and even emotions. I played the game BioShock and was completely immersed in it. Also, it definitely increased my appetite in terms of hunger and taste. Food definitely tasted better and when i would play bioshock I would munch on some salted cashews.

It hasn't worked the same since.
Yeah Maca is FAAH-inhibitor thus increasing levels of endocannabinoids.

Also turns out black pepper contains guineesine which is an anandamide reuptake inhibitor. I think that's why the combination of oregano and black pepper was in fact psychoactive to some degree.

But of course, Marijuana would be bigger gun.

You mentioned that amphetamine paradoxically increased your appetite. I wonder what is the mechanism behind that and if it could be replicated by other substances.
What was your dose of oregano and black pepper? I always put a lot of black pepper in my food because it enhances the taste of almost everything. Psychoactive? What did you notice when you combined them?

Yeah, amphetamine definitely increases my appetite. I find just 5 mg is perfect for me. Sometimes it's a little bit too stimulating, but if I take it let's say on Monday and then again on Tuesday, I'll get more benefits on Tuesday than on Monday. It seems that I'm chronically under-stimulated as the first day I take it I usually get too much stimulation. After that it's like my receptors downregulate. I don't know, this is barely even pseudoscience. I wish I could scan my brain and see what's happening at any given time.

But regarding the appetite increase from amphetamine, it doesn't increase my taste or give me any cravings, but rather makes hunger a lot more prominent. Usually, I barely feel hunger even if I hadn't eaten in over 16 hours. But amphetamine amplifies the hunger feeling to the point where it's almost unbearable to not eat.
Tablespoon of oregano and teaspoon of black pepper. I notice it still works, I feel anxiolytic blissful effect from the endocannabinoid increase and some increase in appetite. Black pepper also increases levels of beta endorphin and serotonin - I notice synergy with Rhodiola which inhibits enkephalinase. CB2 agonism in theory upregulates 5-HT2A. Paracetamol could potentiate things further because its metabolite prevents breakdown of endocannabinoids IIRC. And some Maca there too. Taste pretty bad but whatever, it's healthy and nice, haha.

edit: Paracetamol's metabolite AM404 is endocannabinoid reuptake inhibitor, so there you go.
High doses of vitamin B12 increase appetite too.
Sorry for the late replies, been feeling quite down recently.

Vitamin B12 definitely has an effect on how food tastes. I got into the habit of drinking double bergamot earl grey tea because of it about a year ago.  I used to take 1 mg of methylcobalamin sublingually every Sunday. But, somehow tolerance formed and the effect became weak. Taking it everyday just makes me tired and brain foggy with no noticeable benefits.

About 3 weeks ago I started taking Rhodiola at 500 mg, my usual dose, and this time it decreased my appetite even further. I was literally going an entire day without feeling hunger or just feeling it a little bit.

Really, my biggest problem is a lack of taste. Everything tastes bland. Pizza, fried chicken, cake, ice cream, etc, nothing has flavor. The anhedonia definitely is involved in this, but I've always had a low appetite, even when I was a kid.

Have you heard of nabilone? It's a synthetic cannabinoid used in cancer for treating nausea. There are a few anecdotes that say it increases appetite like THC. Maybe I can get a prescription for it? I would've liked to try THC, but here in Canada dronabinol was removed from the market by the pharmaceutical company that makes it.

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