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I'm thinking about ordering some, it's ampakine nootropic reported to be very potent at doses as low as 5-10mg. Any experiences?
I've never taken it, but from what I've read it seems to increase energy and focus in a way similar to caffeine. Keep us updated on how it goes for you if you decide to order some.
Did you ever end up taking it? If so, how did it go for you?
I've been carefully experimenting a bit.
5mg felt weak and short-lived
10mg a bit more noticeable
15mg seemed good dose, pronounced effect

It's brings extra sharpness, awareness, improved thinking, enhanced senses. There is also sort of a mental lift. I don't find these effects as strong as I've read other people describe though. I haven't quite concluded what Sunifram is best for. It's definitely a very potent nootropic, but I've also read some reports of negative effects like persisting headaches and impaired sleep. I always take neuroprotectives like Gotu Kola though. I'm gonna continue experiments at some point.
Very nice, I wonder if the effects get stronger after chronic dosing. It doesn't seem to work like Piracetam which requires chronic dosing before any effects are felt.

Persisting headaches sounds like a choline deficiency symptom. If I recall correctly, Piracetam and other racetams require choline to be taken alongside to prevent some side effects, one of which is headaches. Did those people that have headaches take choline with it?
hi everyone, a whole ago i started taking Nootroo, however I got sides. Has anyone expierences with Nootropic Plus ? thinking of swichting to that one for now! Thanks
I have never heard of those products. You should post this in a separate thread under a different subforum. My advice would be  to start off with the basic nootropics like caffeine+theanine and go on from there.
I have had great success with sunifiram. I only use it occasionally. I have had it it varying purity's and the difference between 98% and 99.9. I started as someone who was experimenting with noots and loved it so much I'm now in business for myself. My company is http://www.limitlesslifenootropics.com We have gained a straight 5 start google reputation. Our product is growing fast and we specialize in carrying the very highest purity you can find and still manage a low cost guarantee of products of same or lower purity. Looked at forum rules and did not see any that banned me advertising my company. So I saw this post and wanted to introduce myself. I carry the highest purity Sunifiram anywhere and I think im only place that offers it in a spray form.
What's the point of having a spray form? It seems like it's just more expensive. Does it offer any increased benefits?

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