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Question Does modafinil enhance your cognition?
I'm wondering because I've tried both 100 mg and 200 mg and it did not improve my cognition at all. I had no improvement in memory, learning, focus, problem solving, or anything really. I just get some wakefulness and it's quite weak. I still have to drink a cup of coffee to feel fully alert.

Anyone else have a different experience? What kind of effects do you notice from modafinil?
I ordered some 200mg Modafinil pills from MOSPharma. I may get them this week and will report what effects it has on me. Fladrafinil was useless for me, but not sure if the product was the real stuff.
Adrafinil in general seems to have mixed response rates, not sure about fladrafinil. I personally find 200 mg of modafinil is too much. Side effects are a lot more noticeable at that dose and the benefits don't seem to increase. Actually, the opposite happens, I guess I become a bit overstimulated on that dose because sustained attention is pretty non-existent.

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