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Nootropics for sleepiness?
What nootropics have helped you with your sleepiness, if you have any? For me, I found Rhodiola and Jiaogulan to be helpful in reducing daytime fatigue, but not very useful for reducing overall sleep time. I still find myself sleeping 10-12 hours or more sometimes. So far I have not found anything that normalizes my sleep in the long-term.
Phenibut gives me deeper and more refreshing sleep, lavender oil helps too. Sometimes I still feel exhausted during the day though. Good old coffee seems to be the most reliable substance to fight the fatigue. Adaptogens often also help.
I think TMG is helping me with sleepiness. It's also enhancing sleep quality. I find it easier to wake up after about a week on TMG, but it's still somewhat difficult. Also, drowsiness used to be an issue, but now I rarely am drowsy.

Phenibut works via the GABA receptors so I'm not suprised it improves sleep. But isn't tolerance a concern? Or worse, dependency?
Long-term use of Reishi is associated with increased slow-wave sleep. I also find it good overall energizer, although the effect is also calming. AMP Citrate is pretty good OTC stimulant for day-time tiredness, with caffeine.
Good find regarding Reishi. Do you feel like it helps you get more rested sleep? I occassionally wake up in the night, does reishi stop that?
I've also had the problem of waking up in the middle of the night at times so that it even took couple of hours to fall back asleep. Haven't had that problem since I started taking Reishi. It does inhibit histamine-release to some extent, I only take small doses during the day (usually with coffee) and then a bit more as a tea before bed.
Wouldn't Reishi interact with Modafinil? Modafinil increases histamine and it's thought that this is one of it's mechanisms of action.
It could counter some of the histaminergic effect I guess, then again Reishi isn't really a direct anti-histamine as it does not bind to the receptors. Reishi also contains adenosine I believe, which would counter caffeine's effect (adenosine antagonist). Therefore it can be used to balance stimulants a bit if one feels like it (during the day). Or only use before sleep, perhaps it can keep adenosine and histamine from downregulating when using substances that act through them.
Did anything new hit the market in the last 2-3 years that could help with sleep btw? I'm just curious.

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