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High-dose Noopept (100 mg)
I read about people expirementing high to megadoses of Noopept with interesting powerful effects without significant negatives. A normal dose 10 - 30 mg barely does anything for me so I decided to give it a try.

I took 100 mg couple hours ago and noticed slow onset of effects, until now it suddenly hit me strongly. I feel extremely calm, clear-headed, sharp and have hd-vision. There's almost a sensation as if a white light bulb was lit in my head. I do feel it supresses emotions though - I feel very objective about everything and have a sensation of what I would describe as "intellect hedonia". Also, I had pretty poor sleep last night so I do feel some fatigue but less than before taking it.

Pretty cool, I might try it another time when I've had full night's rest.
Interesting! Did you test your cognition before and after? What did you notice exactly, in terms of cognitive benefits? Verbal fluency, fluid thinking, etc?

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