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Beginner to Nootropics - would very much appreciate your input our advice!Discussion
I've recently decided to take the dive into nootropics. They seem a much better alternative to conventional benzodiazepines and amphetamines which I have used, perhaps overused, in the past. This being said, through my research, I still understand the potential for addiction or withdrawal symptoms with these substances.
I've ordered a few sample packs and was thinking that cycling my use might be the best way to limit the risk of these adverse effects. I currently have access to:

  1. Caffeine + L-theanine

  2. Noopept

  3. Adrafinil

  4. Phenylpiracetam
To minimize the risk of dependancey I was thinking something along the lines of the following cycling schedule:
Monday - Phenylpiracetam 200mg in the morning after breakfast (this is my big study/class day - 6 hours of back to back seminars).
Tuesday -- 100 mg Caffeine + 225mg L-theanine, once in the morning and once in the mid-afternoon.
Wednesday -- 300 mg Adrafinil, once in the early afternoon (lots of free time to grind on work).
Thursday -- Phenylpiracetam 200mg in the morning after breakfast.
Friday -- 100 mg Caffeine + 225mg L-theanine, once in the morning and once in the mid-afternoon.
Saturday -- 2g Phenibut in the morning after breakfast (weekends tend to be stressful for me).
Sunday -- 10mg Noopept, once in the morning, once in the early afternoon, and once in the late afternoon taken sublingually (this is usually my catch-up on work day).
For reference, I am 185 pounds and 6' 5''.
Our brains are important, and I just want to make sure I don't fuck something up by learning from the wealth of experience on this subreddit.
Again, I DEEPLY appreciate any input you may have or feedback on my proposed cycling schedule. I'm still very much a novice in this area.
Much love!

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