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Last updated on December 25th, 2016 at 08:28 pm

DuckDose is an online supplier of modafinil and armodafinil. At $0.80 per 200 mg modafinil tablet, they are one of the cheapest vendors. They offer free express shipping worldwide.

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Vendor Overview
Ships to Worldwide (with a few exceptions) including
United States
United Kingdom
Payment types accepted MasterCard
Offers discounts? Yes – up to 67% off: 47% bulk discount + 20% Bitcoin discount
Coupon code None
Overall Rating
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Pros Cons
Free Express Shipping – Express mail shipment (EMS) is standard at DuckDose and it comes at no extra cost. All orders gets shipped for free via EMS. No certificate of analysis – Even though they only sell pharmaceutical-grade modafinil, it would be reassuring if they provided a 3rd-party COA. They even mention on their homepage they make sure their modafinil is authentic yet they don’t share their methods nor results of their tests.
Cheap prices – Modafinil is usually expensive. Pharmaceutical-grade modafinil typically costs $1 per 100 mg tablet, and this is a generic. At DuckDose, however, the prices are quite low. Their cheapest option is the modvigil brand which costs only $0.80 per 200 mg tablet. That’s only $0.40 per 100 mg, more than 50% cheaper than the typical market price. Worldwide shipment, except Europe – If you are from Europe chances are you won’t be able to buy modafinil from DuckDose. They do not ship to most of the major European countries due to tight import restrictions.
Free reshipment – If your order gets held up at customs then you can contact DuckDose for a free reshipment. However, they will not reship if you enter incorrect shipping information or if multiple attempts to deliver the order failed. No return policy – Nowhere on the site is there a mention of their return policy. This probably means you cannot return your order once you have received it.
Multiple payment methods with a discount – There are some vendors that only accept Bitcoin or other inconvenient payment types. Not this one. They accept both VISA and MasterCard as well as Bitcoin. Plus, if you pay via Bitcoin you can get a discount on you order.
Two different pharmaceuticals manufacturers – If you are weary of one of the manufacturers you can choose to buy from the other. HAB pharmaceuticals is cheaper, but less known than Sun Pharmaceuticals which is a multi-billion and multinational company.
Bulk discounts – The more you buy the more you save, up to a certain number of pills.
15% discount for returning customers – If you’re a repeat customer you can enjoy a 15% discount off your order. And this stacks with other discounts as well, like coupons, and the Bitcoin discount.
Secure payments – Your payment information is secure from prying eyes. All of their pages use encryption to transit and receive data. What this means is your connection to their site is always secure. Anyone who tries to intercept your connection to the site will only receive encrypted data which is pretty much impossible to decrypt with today’s methods and computers.



Duckdose offers bulk discounts for both modafinil and armodafinil. Their modalert starts at $1.60 per pill if you buy 50 tablets, but if you buy 300 tablets you only pay $0.85 per pill. That’s almost 50% off, 47% to be precise. Furthermore, you can get an additional 20% off if you use bitcoin as the payment method. Doing the math, if you choose the cheapest modafinil brand at the best rate, 300 pills of modvigil at $0.80 per pill, and you pay via bitcoin you’re only going to pay $0.64 per pill.

And if that’s not enough you also get a 15% discount if you’re a returning customer which stacks with the other discounts. That comes up to just $0.52 per pill. This makes DuckDose the cheapest place to buy modafinil from.

Site navigation

The site is very nicely laid out and takes into account the customer’s viewpoint. Immediately after loading the front page you’ll see 4 different options to choose from: 2 modafinil brands and 2 armodafinil brands. There is no guesswork here, just click on what you would like to buy and you’ll be taken to that page. What’s more is the pricing is clearly displayed below the product’s information. This is in contrast to other vendors where you have to click on a drop-down menu to view all the pricing. Nothing is hidden here, everything is put on display. The information page shows you all that you need to know: the dosage, the pricing, and most importantly the manufacturer.

If you’ve already placed an order and want to track it, you can easily do so by clicking on the link ‘Track’ in the top menu bar. Remember, all orders placed on Duckdose receive free express shipping with tracking information.

Customer service

When it comes to customer service, Duckdose excels at responding to individual or community inquires. They even have a subreddit where people can post their questions, experiences, or anything related to Duckdose. As an example, one user recently had a poor experience with, a payment processor. In the past, Circle accepted Bitcoin, but they have recently discontinued its support, and abruptly nonetheless. Duckdose was not aware of this and had been recommending them for their customers that were looking to pay via Bitcoin. They have since removed their recommendation.

Furthermore, they responded to the thread by saying:

Quack! We understand, the ducks put no blame. Drop us an email at if you are still having problem ordering with Bitcoin. Our ducks would be happy to help.

In the subreddit you can find countless examples of Duckdose quickly and politely responding to inquiries. There are also many positive experiences, here are a few:

I used DuckDose for my first order of modafinil and it worked great. I got it to AZ, USA after about 5 business days. Product is great however it was my first Modalert so I don’t have much to compare it to. Regardless, I would use them again. TheBoatShoe
Used Duck dose about 4 weeks ago. No issues at all. I am in .AU pedrosneakyman
My order got lost in the mail, AFTER clearing customs and making it to the local post office. So frustrating. Was delivered to and signed for by someone else.
Duckdose support was quick, claims the label was printed correctly so I guess it was usps. Anyway, they had a reship in the mail two days later (no charge). Pretty great of them.
Now I have to wait for the damn thing to make its way here.. again.. so disappointing :(. But good on DD. looselybasedontruth

Brand comparison

Duckdose currently offers 2 different brands to choose from: Sun Pharma and HAB Pharma. Sun Pharma is formally known as Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Inc and produces a variety of drugs. More importantly, Sun Pharma produces drugs that are used in the USA. This means they are held to stringent standards set by the FDA and produce pure and safe drugs. While HAB Pharma does not sell drugs in the US it does not mean that they produce unsafe drugs. However, given how little information there is about HAB Pharma and it’s lack of reputation, it’s best to buy the Sun Pharma brands.

Moreover, a number of people on the Internet have complained that modvigil (HAB) is less efficacious than modalert (Sun).

 Sun PharmaHAB Pharma
SizeHuge - produces drugs for many countriesSmall - mainly limited to India
PricingMore expensiveLeast expensive
Modafinil nameModalertModvigil
Armodafinil nameWaklertArtvigil


Duckdose is definitely a great place to buy modafinil and armodafinil from. If you are really tight on money, you can choose to get the modvigil brand and pay via bitcoin to get the highest discount possible. However, it is generally recommended that you avoid HAB Pharma products and instead go for the slightly more expensive Sun Pharma.


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