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The CILTEP stack, short for Chemically-Induced Long-term potentiation, is a multi-supplement combination that is designed to induce long-term potentiation in the neurons of the brain. It consists of a combination of a PDE4 inhibitor, a cAMP level increaser, and a stimulant. These are typically:

  • Artichoke Extract or Quercetin – PDE4 Inhibitor
  • Forskolin – cAMP increaser
  • Caffeine, Phenylalanine, L-Tyrosine – Stimulant

The primary effects of this stack includes improved memory and learning, but also increased energy. The effects vary slightly from person-to-person.

Had a good experience with the CILTEP stack or maybe a negative one that you’d like to share? Whatever the case maybe, you can speak your mind here. Be as thorough and as detailed as possible.

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by Matt on CILTEP Stack
Good experience

Myself, I’m having quite a good experience with the CILTEP stack –– specifically –– the commercially available capsules, packaged and sold by Natural Stacks.

Initially, I’d started off with a dose of a single capsule per day, and found… Well… Some effect, but nothing major… A slight but noticeable reduction in the “brain chatter” going on inside my head –– but nothing that would make me say, “Wow! This stuff is incredible.”

I then increased my dosage –– going with two capsules per day, taken first thing in the morning.


Pretty damn incredible, actually.

I had a dramatic reduction in “brain chatter,” a huge boost in energy, and a strong desire to get tasks accomplished. In fact, my wife started calling me “Mister Motivation.”

An unfortunate side-effect was that –– while on the two-capsule dosage –– that I was a little bit too much “Go! Go! Go!”, and found it very difficult to fall asleep. If anything, sleep was an annoyance.

Being non-stop “Go! Go! Go!’ is not good for family life (spouses and children don’t really want to get on the hyper-motivated bandwagon), and so I knew that I’d have to modify my dosage a bit.

What I’ve settled on, and it’s really working great for me, is a single capsule taken first thing in the morning, along with a 1.5 gram dose of piracetam at the same time. This combination provides energy and motivation throughout the day, a nice reduction in “brain chatter,” PLUS the ability to fall asleep at a reasonable hour at night. I’m doing this regime (the single dose of CILTEP, along with the piracetam) five days a week, with weekends off. I do think it’s important to have a rest period of some sort when taking nootropics, and the time off also allows me to appreciate the positive effects of the CILTEP when I go back on the five day cycle.