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Last updated on August 30th, 2018 at 11:18 pm

Afinil Express is an online modafinil supplier that was recommended by the now closed ModafinilCat. They are one of the cheapest and most reliable vendors today.

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Vendor Overview
Ships to Worldwide (with a few exceptions) including
United States
United Kingdom
Payment types accepted Visa
Offers discounts? 10% Discount for returning customers
20% Bitcoin discount
Coupon code None
Overall Rating
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Pros Cons
Free Express Shipping – All orders placed on Afinil Express get free EMS shipping. EMS is tracked and reliable, not to mention fast. No certificate of analysis – As with other modafinil suppliers, AfinilExpress fails to include a certificate of analysis on its website. Even though they only get pharmaceutical-grade products it would be reassuring if they performed tests from time-to-time.
Cheap prices – Afinil Express’s baseline prices are quite cheap and are definitely competitive with the other modafinil vendors. Worldwide shipment, except Europe – Due to strict restrictions, Afinil Express does not ship to a number of European countries.
Free reshipment – In case you order gets lost, or you received either a wrong product or wrong number of pills, Afinil Express will reship your order free of charge. No return policy – As with other suppliers, Afinil Express does not appear to accept returns.
Multiple payment methods with a discount – If you are tired of paying via bitcoin, you can rest assured knowing that Afinil Express accepts VISA and MasterCard. They use a trusted credit card processing service to process payments.
Trial pack – Not quite sure what brand to get? Don’t worry, you can get a sample of all 4 products to test out. For just $75, you can get 10 pills of each product. This is a good way to save money on your first order.
Bulk discounts – You can get up to 65% off by buying in bulk.
10% discount for returning customers – Repeat customers get 10% off their orders as a sign of gratitude.
20% discount for bitcoin – If you are looking for a reason to use bitcoin, this should help you out. All orders paid via bitcoin get an additional 20% off.
Secure payments – The entire website is encrypted meaning all your information is private and secure. Even if someone tries to tap into your connection they won’t be able to see what information you’ve entered. This means all your personal information and payment details (credit card info) is secure.



As with other modafinil vendors, Afinil Express offers 2 standard discounts:

  • Bitcoin discount – Paying via bitcoin gets you a 20% discount off your order
  • Returning customer discount – Using your previous order ID, you can get yourself a 10% discount.

In addition to these, they also offer a bulk discount. The more pills you buy, the lower the cost per pill. If you know modafinil or armodafinil works for you then it’s recommended you buy 300 pills at a time to save money.

Customer reviews

As Afinil Express suddenly popped up after ModafinilCat shut down many people were hesitant to buy from them. A lot of modafinil users were skeptical that Afinil Express may scam them. However, multiple user reviews have since come out and it is safe to say that they are genuine. Here’s just a few reviews:

I, like many was very sad to see Modafinilcat go, and based on their e-mail placed an order with Afinilexpress. Well, I have received my sample pack and it arrived exactly as described and in around 7 days to the states. So, I’m quite pleased with the service provided! HBum187
I ordered dec 3 and it arrived today! I used bitcoins so I can’t comment on credit card issues but they are reliable! šŸ™‚ zomgitsanna13
Ordered the 3rd time from these guys. Order came in 6 day to Australia. Lovely service folks. You are doing gods work zomgitsanna13

Customer service

Good customer service can have a big impact on choosing which vendor to buy modafinil from and it’s safe to say that Afinil Express is excellent in this department. All around their website you can find their customer support e-mail address, You’ll usually get a reply within 24 hours.

What’s more is they have their own subreddit where you can post your own review, criticism, or just ask a question. A user recently posted a thread because they could not get their credit card payment to go through. Not less than 24 hours later, Afinil Express replied saying:

Hi. Yes we are currently facing issues with clearances on visa. Clearances should improve soon, however mastercard clearances are better, as compared to visa. Will keep you updated on this.

There are countless examples of their excellent customer service taking place on their subreddit. Here’s another thread in which the customer had their order canceled for no apparent reason. Not only did they reply in less than 24 hours, but they also fixed the issue and processed the order once again.

Seems like a blockchain error. Do not worry. PM us your order numbers and payment details like amount paid etc. and we’ll take care of it. Please do revert asap with the order numbers.

Issues with Credit Cards

A number of customers have had fraudulent transactions show up on their credit card statements. This doesn’t seem to happen to every customer that pays via credit card, but it is worrying nonetheless. This seems to be caused by the credit card processors and not by Afinil Express as they should not have access to your credit card information.

Their processor is based in China and on your credit card statement you will see a bunch of chinese characters that do not reflect what you bought from them. The issue here is that modafinil and armodafinil are considered ‘controlled’ substances in many parts of the World and as such, many credit card processors will not deal with stores that sell it. Indeed, even stores that sell 100% legal nootropics can’t seem to find a reputable CC processor. Many will have to resort to overseas processors. This is where the problems start to take place.

The chinese processors are not reliable and as such, fraudulent charges may appear on your statement. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use a credit card to make payments. In fact, there are a number of different approaches to this problem. You can either:

  • Pay via Bitcoin – Bitcoin is extremely secure and the chances of getting a fraudulent charge are unheard of plus you get a 20% discount.
  • Use a prepaid credit card – You can buy them online or at your local stores. They’re great because they’re disposable and you can fill them up with just enough money to buy modafinil.
  • Use a service like – If you are in the US, this site lets you create either reusable or single-use credit cards from your existing credit card. This is great because some credit cards give you a cash back and you can’t take advantage of that if you use a prepaid CC.


From their excellent customer to their competitive low prices, Afinil Express is a great modafinil vendor to buy from. Just make sure to protect your credit card information.

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  1. Ive had a bad experience with afinilexpress. I accidentally placed my order twice and after speaking with Roh (who runs the support email address), he told me that we would provide me a refund on one of the orders. I waited over a month and nothing came back into my bank account. I kept emailing him and he said “sometimes there are issues with refunds. Send me your bitcoin wallet ID and I will send the refund there”. Once I provided the wallet ID, my emails are getting ignored.
    These guys are scum. Do not use them.

  2. Iā€™m having nothing but troubles with buying from AfinilExpress every time I put my payment details in and hit order it comes up saying OOPS THERE WAS A PROBLEM, and iv emailed the support email but no reply

  3. Great experience with Afinil Express. At first my debit card kept declining, and I had no idea how to pay using bitcoin — but they had a page that thoroughly walked me through the steps. After my order went through, I immediately received a confirmation email. A couple days later, they sent me an email with my tracking number. I was expecting it to take a long time, but it came in only 1 week! They responded to my inquiries promptly and politely. I highly recommend buying from Afinil Express!!! (P.S. modafinil is amazing so far)

  4. I wonder if is going for a sell-out cash-grab right now. My aftership tracking number isn’t active yet and it’s been 11 days. They won’t answer my emails. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes.

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