Afinil Express New Years Sale – 35% Off Coupon

While boxing day and boxing week are behind us, that doesn’t mean the good deals are over – Afinil Express is having a sale in celebration of Christmas and New Year’s. If you pay via credit card you can get 20% off your order, but if you pay via bitcoin you can get a whopping 35% off! All you need to do is follow the steps below and you’ll be eligible to receive the discount.

Expires: January 20th, 2017.

How to redeem your coupon

  1. Visit Afinil Express from this link
  2. Add the desired afinil products to the cart
  3. Enter the coupon code 2K17
  4. Enjoy up to 35% off your order

Price comparison

If you are wondering exactly how much you could save by using this coupon, here’s a table that covers all their products:

Before discount per pill:$0.98$0.80$1.00$0.92
After 20% off with CC$0.78$0.64$0.80$0.74
After 35% off with BTC$0.64$0.52$0.65$0.60
Maximum Savings per pill$0.34 $0.28$0.35$0.32
Before discount per 300 pills:$294$240$300$275
After 20% off with CC$235$192$240$220
After 35% off with BTC$191$156$195$179
Maximum Savings per 300 pills$103$84$105$96


  1. Hi I have been a customer for a long time. Why do I only get 10% discount and you are offering 20% to anyone. Should you not email your returning customers about the deals you promote on the net.

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